I focus on indulgence in my work, layering paint with free and unrestricted movements. I’m often changing my initial concepts of were I wanted to go on a piece and what I want to say from the beginning. Whether my paintings may describe an impressive body of water, a person, a city or object, listening to the paint and completely embracing my subjects allow me to capture the feeling and essence that the subjects themselves wish to share with the viewer. I enjoy using my stylized approach to create an emotional experience for myself and those who view my work.

I currently live in Homer, Alaska. I moved here shortly after completing my Art Degree at the San Francisco Art Institute. I enjoy the contrast of the city life and rural Alaska, and I try to capture those influences in my daily work. I live here in Homer with my husband Frankie, and my three beautiful children. My days are filled with activity and yet no matter how busy I get, I always find time to get to painting for several hours in a day.